By God’s grace.  For the previous of 17 years I have been doing Lord’s work at all the villages By the Grace of God I have 14 churches and I have maintained 3 churches. The three Churches are in the remote villages. The Churches are very small.  The 3 Churches are in the neighboring villages. The three villages are not well developed. They don’t have proper electricity, we went there are give tacts and we started the Church. We conducted the services in these 3 Churches on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We do not have proper facilities and transport to go to these churches at a time.  So I conduct the services in different days. We are using same drum for the three churches. Among the three, only one church has been with proper facilities. The other two churches are not with such facilities, So we use to shift things to these two churches. We conduct services of the two villages in believers House.



We have  branch Churches. These branch churches are running in rented rooms, some are in rented lands. We built a small shed and we are worshipping Jesus Christ. Among the  branch church pastors, some are working on daily wages basis and some are working the Agriculture field for 4 days a week.  They are working part time jobs and they are doing God’s Ministry. They are doing the ministry in the midst of their suffering.  They are in the rented house. They don’t have proper food and clothes for their children. They are suffering a lot.  Each and everyone has their own sad story.  I don’t want to burden your least by telling their story.   Please pray for their ministry; please pray for their ministry & their family life. If you are interested in knowing the details of the pastors or if you want to pray for any one of the pastors, please do inform us so that we can able to send the details of the pastors .Every first Saturday of every month we are supporting Rs.1000 to Rs.1500 to very pastor by this, God’s name will be lifted in India & also God’s Gospel will be preached in many of the villages in India.